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3 Things To Know About Wood Countertops

While natural stone countertops, like those made of granite or marble, are often at the top of the list for many homeowners, wood remains a perennial favorite. Wood countertops are warm, versatile, and easy to revive through refinishing once they show wear and tear. There are many options to consider regarding wood species, countertop thickness, and finish. If you are thinking about installing wood countertops, here are three things to know.

What Options Work For Your Needs

The first thing to know about wood countertops is that there's more to choose from than you may expect. First, maple, oak, teak, cherry, bamboo, and walnut wood countertops are easy to find. You can even have wood countertops made of more exotic wood species. Wood countertop styles include flat, edge, and end grain patterns. Inlays, patterns, borders, and stripes are also available for wood countertops. Numerous finish options further allow you to customize your countertops. Before selecting a wood countertop style, consider what will hold up well and complement the rest of your kitchen. 

How Much They Cost

One benefit of wood countertops is that they are available in a wide range of price points. Wood countertops run the gamut from affordable to high-end. Wood species, countertop design, and countertop style will impact how much you pay for your new counters. You can expect to spend between $40 and $100 per square foot for most wood countertops, installation included. Wood countertops are usually less expensive than marble or granite styles but cost more than most laminate and tile countertops. Setting a budget before you select wood countertops is crucial. 

They Will Last

Another reason why many homeowners want wood countertops for their homes is their longevity. As long as you take care of your wood counters, they will last for years. Your wood counters can last as long as your home. Wood counters can be sanded and refinished when stains accumulate or when the finish shows wear and tear. While it can be tempting to use your wood countertops as a cutting board, doing so will shorten their lifespan. To keep your counters looking good clean them with wood-safe products and mop up spills as soon as possible. 

Wood countertops can be very appealing, but you should know a few things about them. First, there are many wood countertop options to consider, so search for one that will meet your needs. Second, wood countertops are typically affordable, but there are high-end options. Finally, wood countertops can last for decades with proper care. 

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