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Three Glass Deck Railing Options To Consider

If you're coming up with some design ideas for a new deck that a builder will construct for you, the railings that wrap around the perimeter of this structure will be something to think about. There are several different popular railing materials that are available, including glass. Glass railings offer a number of benefits, including helping a small deck to feel more spacious. If you've decided that glass will be the best choice for your deck railings, you have a number of specific looks to consider. Here are three popular options. 


For homeowners who favor giving their deck a modern look, opting for a minimalist design with your glass railings can be a good choice. To achieve a minimalist look, you'll likely want posts that are on the thinner side. You can choose from different materials for the posts, but keeping them narrow will help to ensure that this structure appears minimalist. You may also wish to avoid having a solid horizontal railing across the top of the sections of glass. This approach will allow you to enjoy the functionality of the glass railings without the structure being visually dominant.


Another option to consider is choosing tinted glass for the railing around your deck. While there are advantages of having conventional clear glass, you may find that a tinted look is a better option for your deck. There are many different tint options to think about. For example, a semi-dark tint will provide some privacy on your deck if that is a concern for you. You also have the choice of going with a specific tint color. For example, if you have a home that has blue siding or blue exterior accents, consider deck railing glass that has a slight blue tint to it.

With Wood

Most residential decks are made of wood, and while you can definitely go with glass railings on a wooden deck, you might like the idea of incorporating some wood into the railing design so that it ties in with the overall look of the deck. A popular way to do so is to use large wooden posts at regular intervals around the perimeter of the deck with glass railing pieces in between them. You'll want to choose wood that closely resembles the wood used throughout the deck to achieve a unified look. Visit a home building supplier to learn more about deck railing options.