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What Factors Affect Your Roof's Longevity?

How long will your roof last? This is a hard question to answer with a specific number. One reason for that is that the longevity of a roof really depends on what that roof is exposed to over the years. If you want your roof to last as possible, then it is a good idea to minimize contact with the following elements.


Sunshine is inevitable. In some areas, you get more sun than in orders. Over time, exposure to the sun can weaken a lot of roof materials, especially shingles. The sun makes the sticky substances in shingles brittle, and then the granules fall off the shingles. Without granules, shingles are more prone to leaks. 

You obviously can't get rid of the sun, but you can do a few things to minimize its impact on your roof. If you're getting a new roof, try sticking with a lighter color. The lighter-colored shingles will absorb less sunlight, so they won't suffer as much sun damage over time. You can also make sure your attic is well-insulated. This won't block the sun, but it will slow down any changes in temperature on your roof, which will minimize damage. (Getting hot, then cold, then hot again suddenly can make the roof materials more brittle.)

Salt Spray

If you live anywhere near the ocean, this is a big one to be aware of. Even if you're a mile or two from the ocean, your home will be exposed to some salt in the air. And if you live right on the shore, there will be lots of salt coming into contact with your roof. Salt spray increases the corrosion rate of metal. Of course, this is worse with a metal roof, but it can also affect tile and shingle roofs since they tend to have some metal components. 

You can minimize the effects of salt spay by rinsing your roof with fresh water from time to time. Some roof manufacturers even require that this is done periodically in order to maintain your warranty. You can do it yourself if you feel comfortable on a ladder, but many roof companies will come to rinse roofs for a small fee, too.

How long your roof lasts will depend on how much sunshine and salt it is exposed to. Follow the advice above to minimize the damage these elements cause to your roof over time, and your roof should last longer as a result.

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