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Building A Home? Switch These 4 Underutilized Rooms To Better Functions

When designing your new home, your primary focus will undoubtedly be your own comfort and interests. But most homeowners also want spaces dedicated to entertaining guests. After all, the home is one of the main locations used to entertain and impress friends, family, coworkers, associates, and neighbors.

However, today's entertainment needs are not the same as yesterday's entertainment needs. Instead of opting for many of the traditional entertainment rooms, you may do better to consider a few modern replacements. Here are four to consider. 

1. Switch Formal Dining Rooms for Breakfast Nooks

Few families gather every day in the formal dining room to eat meals. Even if you do entertain for meals, groups now tend to gather in the kitchen, living room, or outdoors. So switch out the wasted space in a formal dining room and incorporate a breakfast area into your kitchen instead. Significantly more multifunctional, this is likely to see a lot more use. 

2. Switch Formal Living Rooms for Media Rooms

Today's entertaining is more likely to involve home entertainment technology than ever before. Whether it's movie night, a sleepover for the kids, gaming night, or just music on a great sound system, a media room offers it all. And unlike more traditional home theaters, media rooms are flexible for different media uses at different times. 

3. Switch Formal Dining Rooms for Outdoor Dining

Many homeowners hesitate to get rid of the dining room because they still may want to entertain for meals. Solve this problem by moving your entertainment dining outdoors. Pair it with a nice outdoor kitchen and a small bar, and you have not only a great place to eat but also useful space added to your home's layout. 

4. Switch Formal Guest Rooms for Flex Rooms

A flex room is a multipurpose room built into the layout without a set purpose. It generally has a basic layout, doors, and windows, but it's otherwise a blank canvas. Your flex room could easily serve as a guest room, home office, extra kids' playroom, game room, bar, or anything else your entertainment calls for. And you can change it as much as you want. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about making any of these modern switches? No matter what appeals to you or would add the most to your family life, start by meeting with an experienced custom home builder in your area. With their help, you can find the right balance between entertaining and enjoying the full potential of your home.