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A Spray Foam Insulation Installation Process

Spray foam insulation that is added to walls, ceilings, and flooring will aid in moisture management and thermal needs. A spray foam insulation installation team will assess and prepare a structure and will use safety measures when installing an insulation product.

An Assessment and Preparations

Upon a spray foam insulation team's arrival to a home or business, a project manager will inspect the premises. First, they will determine where insulation is currently located and will assess the condition of it. Next, they will remove any damaged insulation and will dispose of it. It is essential that a job site is prepared in advance. This is due to the sensitive nature of installing a spray foam product.

Insulation needs room to expand, once it is has been administered. If there are any blockages within the walls, ceiling, or flooring where insulation will be added, a project manager will remove the materials that will hinder a spray team's ability to install the insulation properly.

Ventilation within a home or business will need to be adequate. Breathing in the fumes that are emitted by a spray foam product can be harmful. Ventilation products that a spray foam team may use include industrial fans. All of the equipment that is needed for the installation steps will be set up in advance.

The Installation Process

A home or business owner will be advised of how long an installation project will take place. The owner of a property may need to vacate the premises while an installation is actively being conducted. This is a strategy that some installation experts may use, which will ensure the safety of a property owner.

Before insulation is sprayed, the product will need to be prepared. Two liquid components are mixed together. These liquids will create a spray foam product. Spray cans that are tall and narrow may be used to hold the two liquid components. There will be tubing that will need to be attached to each tank. The tubing will allow an installer to stand away from an area where they will be adding insulation.

As the trigger on a spray foam can is depressed, the foam insulation will work its way through the tubing. On the opposite end of the tubing, the spray foam insulation will be released. Soon afterward, it will expand and fill voids. Spray foam insulation will need to be cured, prior to installing drywall, tiles, or flooring over the insulated areas.