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Space-Saving Ideas For Your Small Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom is small, you may figure the size is just something you'll always have to deal with. You're not completely wrong. Short of bumping out the walls to expand the room, you cannot magically make your bathroom larger. But what you can do is remodel it in a way that makes better use of the space that you do have. The best strategies for this will, in part, depend on the exact size and layout of your bathroom. However, the following ideas and strategies should prove helpful in most cases. 

Use a round toilet

Toilets come in two basic shapes. Some have a more rounded bowl, and others have a more ovular bowl. In a small bathroom, you generally want to choose the toilet style with the rounder bowl. It won't stick as far out into the room, which means you get to retain more floor space. 

Include lots of upper shelves

Rather than building in a lot of cabinets and storage on the floor level, include some higher-up shelves in your design. A few shelves at eye level will allow you to retain your floor space while still giving you a convenient place to set washcloths, soaps, grooming tools, and other items. 

Consider a square shower enclosure

Years ago, it was pretty much unheard of to have a bathroom without a bathtub. But this is no longer the case. If you don't use the bathtub as an actual tub, and only as a shower, why install a tub? A standing shower with a square-shaped enclosure will take up a lot less room and will serve the purpose just as well.

Don't worry about a floor-length mirror

Having to accommodate a floor-length mirror in the bathroom can take up a lot of space. Why not just let go of the idea of having a full-length mirror in the bathroom? Opt for a smaller mirror over the sink, and plan on putting the floor-length mirror somewhere else in your home where you have more room. This will mean you can put shelving on more walls in the bathroom and not have to worry about floor space being allocated for someone to stand in front of a tall mirror.

These space-saving ideas won't make your small bathroom larger. However, they will allow you to make better use of the space you do have. Talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor to learn more.