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Prepare Your Home's Rooftop For Hurricane Season

If you recently moved to a region that occasionally experiences hurricanes, preparing your home's rooftop in advance can prevent serious damage to materials. Schedule a consultation and service appointment with a licensed roofing contractor who installs, maintains, and repairs roofing materials. 

The Assessment

Prepare your home's rooftop before hurricane season begins. Springtime is a suitable time to seek rooftop preparations. First, schedule an inspection and consultation with a roofing contractor. The contractor will assess the hardware, roofing membrane, roofing materials, adhesive, and flashing that comprise the rooftop.

If any materials have punctures or tears in them, they will either need to be patched or replaced. Hardware should remain flush with the surface of the rooftop. During the assessment, the contractor will make necessary adjustments to the hardware. Hardware that is badly stripped or rusted will need to be replaced.

The Gutter System

Leaves, dirt, and limbs that fall into gutter sections or downspouts can cause issues during hurricanes. Because heavy rain won't have an adequate way to be drained away from the rooftop, water may accumulate on the rooftop.

A contractor will inspect the gutter system during a service appointment. They will clean out the gutter sections and the downspout. They will use water to flush loose debris from parts of the system. They will also ensure that the gutter pieces and downspout are level, allowing the free flow of rainwater.

The Pruning Techniques

Pruning trees isn't a service that a roofing contractor handles, however, a contractor may advise you to have trees trimmed before hurricane season begins.

Heavy tree limbs may fall during high winds. As a result, they could damage parts of the rooftop. Seeking a pruning service when hurricanes are not a threat is a good way to ensure that your rooftop remains protected during a hurricane. 

The Aftermath

Although you may pursue all of the preliminary preparation steps to protect your rooftop, some damage could still occur. The intensity of a hurricane could cause objects to become airborne, threatening the status of the rooftop. Once a hurricane event has ended, seek another inspection of your home's rooftop and gutter system.

A contractor will conduct a walkthrough, inspecting all of the materials that comprise the roof and the gutter system. If any damages are detected, the contractor will take note of them. They will order replacement materials to restore the rooftop to the condition it was in before the hurricane event.

Reach out to a local roofing company to learn more.