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Hardwood Floor Refinishing — Keys To A Successful Makeover

Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful, but after having the same look for years, you may want to switch things up. Refinishing allows you to do just that without changing the floors altogether. If you plan to complete refinishing on your own, use the following guide to avoid hurdles. 

Look at Stain Examples 

If you plan to refinish your hardwood floors to give them a new look, you'll be happy to know you have fantastic stain options to pick up. From bright reds to light browns, there is a stain for every homeowner. It's just a matter of picking out what you like best. 

So that you have an idea of what each stain color looks like for hardwood floors, browse pictures online. You'll find plenty of options to visualize in the part of your home that you plan to renovate. 

Apply Multiple Coats 

Remember to apply multiple coats when you get ready to refinish your hardwood floors. After all, you want the stain to hold up for a long time and also have a vibrancy that makes your hardwood floors look brand new. 

A couple of stain coats should suffice, but just remember to give each coat time to fully dry before you apply another. Otherwise, your application results may not turn out that great. Remain patient so you reap the total rewards of hardwood floor refinishing. 

Use a Sander With a Built-In Vacuum

In terms of floor preparation, one of the most important things you can do is sand rough areas and imperfections. Many tools are available for sanding, but an automatic sander with a built-in vacuum is optimal.

The vacuum collects floor debris as you sand, saving you from an inconvenient cleanup. Furthermore, the hardwood floors will be spotless, and that's the key to getting optimal refinishing results. 

Follow the Appropriate Safety Protocols 

You may be eager to refinish your hardwood floors quickly to enjoy fresh aesthetics, but you don't want to rush through and expose yourself to accidents. For instance, if you sped through refinishing without properly preparing rooms, you could have difficulty breathing because ventilation is poor.

Because of potential safety hazards, do your due diligence when following safety protocols. First and foremost, make sure the area you refinish has proper ventilation. You should also wear a respiratory mask to ensure floor stains don't negatively affect your breathing. 

Hardwood refinishing allows you to transform your interior flooring into something fresh and exciting. Even if you opt for DIY refinishing, you can still succeed if you take your time, use the right tools, and follow a vision.   

For more info about hardwood floor refinishing, contact a local company.